You have such a way that winds me up inside
    Envisioning that want me look that I'll see in your eyes
    As you say to me, you are mine all mine
    How I long to have you right here by my side

    I'd drink in your soulful eyes
    My ears would hear your pleasured sighs
    As you reached for paradise
    We'd both be wrought with delight

    Hands would tremble violently
    Fervently reaching for me
    Bodies burning like the fire
    Blazing with lust and desire

    Hotter still with every touch
    Love inside that feels so much
    As our lips meet in a kiss
    We sing chansons of sweet bliss

    Fiercely, you fall into me

    Lovers brought to ecstasy

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...