Transience is so immense,
    We pass in a flurry of being,
    A beautiful moment
    In all its suddenness,
    Arising in love, or enchanted
    In the contraction of work.

    And you I possess, however time may
    Wear you away.
    From I to you
    Goes the command
    Of infinite space to be assumed
    In a single radiating emotion.

    Every terrifying angel
    Invokes the deadly birds of your soul
    Disguising essence made of ecstasy,
    Scooping up the finery of beauty
    In streams from your upturned face
    And gathering it back into themselves.

    But I, moved by deep feeling, evaporate
    In the mist of want,
    And breathe myself out and away
    Incapable of retaining your heart,
    Splinters of sorrow
    Perforating my basic reality.

    You’ve entered my bloodstream,
    Lover untenable,
    The whole springtime
    Perfumed with your jasmine flesh
    Dissolving my senses in its taste.
    Do angels really absorb the tension of love?

    So you promise eternity,
    From the embrace to the moment of kiss,
    At each other's mouth and your lips on mine,
    Osculating delight in astonished attachment
    To touch one another this potently,
    The gods involved in the excess.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...