For a thwarted intention
    For an unfulfilled expectation
    For an undelivered communication

    Anger arises in me
    And I am terrified,
    The mental shudder reverberates
    And enrages my fibres,
    Fulminating my mind’s eye.

    Words malform
    Like cement mixers
    In my parched mouth,
    Nothing I say comes out
    Like I think I mean.

    I feel anguish and
    I blabber insensate nonsense,
    Spouting out restlessness
    And claustrophobic curses.

    Denial and acceptance
    Are chaos in my depravity,
    Unquenchable and furious
    In the maddening thoughts
    Of glory and forfeit,
    A lost cause in a valiant battle
    Forever seeking closure and release.

    I screech my primal scream
    Tearing my heart apart.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...