I adore you still -
    Foolish terrible emotion
    Kneeling in devotion
    As a priest to his idol will.

    Your undone hair conceal
    Desert, forest scents:
    In your exotic countenance
    Lie secrets unrevealed.

    Over your flesh perfume drifts
    Like incense around a censor:
    Tantalizing dispenser
    Of evening's ardent gifts.

    No potions could compete
    With your potent idleness:
    You've mastered the caress
    That raises dead me to their feet.

    Your hips themselves are romanced
    By your back and by your breasts:
    By your languid dalliance.

    Now and then, your appetite's
    Uncontrolled, unassuaged:
    Mysteriously enraged,
    You kiss me and you bite.

    Dark one, I am torn
    By your savage ways,
    Then, soft as the moon, your gaze
    Sees my tortured heart reborn.

    Beneath your satin shoe,
    Beneath your charming silken foot.
    My greatest joy I put
    My genius and destiny, too.

    You bring my spirit back,
    Bringer of the light.
    Exploding color in the night
    Of my Seine so black.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...