I love delicate softness:
    For me, love has brought the brightness
    And the beauty of the sun,

    Often you say

    Making a mark in the earth
    With your heel near the wild black rose
    Untamed seemingly made only of dew,

    You say

    The whole sea and the whole sky
    For a single victory of childhood
    In the country of dance,

    Or better

    For a single embrace in a silent corner
    Going to the devil with desire on a bridge
    Or better yet,

    For a single timorous word
    Such as must be said while gazing at you
    By a blood-stained moon whose music goes far from tree to tree
    And keeps going in and out among a hundred birds of snow:
    Clouds of memory where it is nice to rest,

    And when you say it

    The whole sea and the whole sky
    Scatter like an ensemble of fairies
    At the touch of the wizard’s wand
    After whispering the magic phoneme: /L/

NOTE: A 'phoneme' is the smallest contrastive unit in the sound system of a language.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
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