My Spiritual Exposition

The following poetry is a glimpse inside my true soul

Light of Being

In a moment of serenity
I saw the brilliant light
Of a higher being
How it shined so bright
I feel this presence with me
Always by my side
Watching always over me
Keeping love inside
I shall hold it close and dear
For it's the light that guides me
Aware the light is always there
And I am living free

Love's Power

A heart so deep and true
Possessing light for all to see
I'll step out of the darkness
If you come with me
A love so pure and real
Powerful, so much
Let it flow inside of me
Cleanse me with its touch
A friend to hold me close
A hand to hold in mine
All I long for, so much more
A kiss to stop all time
A dream of us as one
Your eyes, they hold my sun
I want you to warm me
With the beauty that I see


An Artist or a poets dream and I am both you see:

Someone to make you believe
That life is for living and love is worth giving
Be inspired by the blue sky
Watch the clouds as they float by
Be inspired by the moon
By springtime flowers sweet perfume
Be inspired by the stars
They guide you wherever you are
Be inspired by music and dance
By the hope of love and romance
Be inspired by what you hold dear
Be inspired by those who care
But most of all, this is so true
Be inspired by Y O U!

Soul's Mirrors
I possess true knowledge
Not the kind you find in books
Knowledge of the heart and soul
Not judging by first look
I possess the answers to life big mystery
I found it deep inside my soul
I have found the key
I possess the things that can make this world alright
I can see the beauty in the darkness and in light
I can see a person for who they are inside
Just by looking at their eyes things become much clearer
I possess the knowledge looking into your soul's mirrors

Outside Of The Fire

If you choose to live your life
Standing outside of the fire
You shall never feel the heat and warmth that you desire
Outside of the flame will leave you cold
Your heart and soul will be hollow
Dance in the fire all of your days
And your pain shall be easier to swallow
All it takes is love of yourself
You can find it deep inside of you
In the center of life's fire
To thine own self you have been true

For The Soul
My passions are infinite
It may not seem like torture
But in sense it truly is
Passionate about life
Not enough money to truly live it
Passionate about love
But no place to give it
Passionate about art
But who can see it
Passion in my heart
It just seems to break
Passion in my soul

I see the light

This is why I am tortured so
My soul needs the passion to be whole


In this world it seems to me we have so much to give
My wish is to help the world in this life I live
If someone is hungry, I'll feed them
If you need some blood I'll share
If you are sick and all alone, call me I'll take care
If you have a heart that's lonely
And want me to understand only
I'll be right there and show I care and do all that I can

When I walk down the city street
A homeless man begs for money
I gave him some quarters and it hurt my heart
when a lady said, Don't be stupid honey

Live with compassion inside of you
Put yourself in the other guys shoes


In a dream you reach out
At last my soul receives the love it has been seeking
Glorious illumination
Taking flight in unison
Dispersing love and light to all of humanity

Abolish The Negativity

The power of many
Is greater than the power of few
The strength of love
Is greater than the strength of hatred
Together is better
Than isolation
Unity soars higher than singularity
We are all special in our hearts and souls
Abolish the negativity
Love, live, and rejoice in the beautiful things
For if we do, the hurt and hate will not survive

Dream Of Unity

Being of lightI perceive your sound
Feel your presence all around
Whether working or at play
I feel you with me every day
Guide me to a better place
Universal love and grace
A place where people love and give
Making life so nice to live
Being of light, you have the power
To help me through my darkest hours
When I'm feeling beaten down
You shine on me and light is found
I'll keep your light inside of me
And pursue my dream of unity

Beauty Of Love
Love is uncontainable in my existence
The rays beam through my skin
Sending it out to all
Love is attainable from my deep heart
If you are not afraid to wade in
You shall see it overflows
Love is unconditional that I give
For to me, love is love is love
And therefore ultimate acceptance

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...