Carnal Perfection

    Beneath the voluminous sky
    Bathed in the beauty that is you
    Luminosity in your eyes
    As they rest upon my delicate features
    My hair cascades onto your chest
    As it heaves with desire
    The air abundant with torridity
    Lips touch tenderly with yearnings forcible
    Your hands graze my supple breasts
    As all of you summons to all of me
    Intimate hungers revealed
    Soul’s passions ignited
    Encountering an impassable force
    As our bodies gravitate closer
    My head is dazed with delight
    And I lie back as you penetrate me
    My ears have been favored
    For they have discerned the ballad of our souls


    In a darkened room
    Hands slowly reach for each other
    Softly exploring flesh
    Lips meeting as bodies tremble
    Skin against skin as pleasure approaches
    Intimate unity as hearts and souls connect
    Sensual moans of pleasure
    Contentment with experiencing the art of making love
    Dying in each others arms would now be okay


    I want to get lost in your eyes
    Stay a while between your thighs
    Feel your lips pressed to mine
    From your flesh drink strawberry wine
    I want to feel your passion deep
    Hold you as you fall alseep
    Bodies naked and so free
    As your love falls into me

    As One

    Slow shallow breath as their lips get closer
    Hearts beating strongly as their flesh meets
    Anticipation of pleasure surges through their souls
    Skin against skin, bodies becoming as one
    Oneness as hearts connect
    Truly making love


    I shall run to you on a tepid eve in summer
    My skin felt as spun velvet beneath your fervent hands
    I envision our glistening bodies
    As candles burning cast shadows of love on the wall
    Drawn together, feeling the fire of our souls coursing through us
    My hands tremble as I reach for heaven
    You come to all my senses as I touch the heat of your passion
    As it bursts forth with appetence
    All that lies within my deepest recesses is ablaze
    As you dance wildly inside of me
    Irony is met, when I’m caught like thisI feel infinitely free
    Bountifully breathless, I discover
    Your essence is embedded in my soul


    The incessant rumblings within
    Hunger with a need to be satiated
    Calm my soul with the words
    That slide so gracefully from your tongue
    My ears perceive them as the sweetest melodies
    Bringing solace to my heart
    Stirring passion from the depths of all that I am
    Allow me to feel your breath upon my neck

    As you stroke my skin with your silken hands
    Invite me into all that is you
    So I can share some of this love


    Wanton lust in your eyes
    Reaching slowly betwixt my thighs
    Endless passions are unleashed
    Come to me, my carnal feast
    Lay your body next to mine
    Give the kiss to stop all time
    Softly touch my naked flesh
    With a loving sweet caress
    Put your manly hands on me
    Bursting forth viriliy
    Bodies tremble, pleasure met
    Passion's love we won't forget
    Coming close you slip inside
    Ready for a wild ride
    Lovers fire burning free
    Your love explodes inside of me
    Breathless in the afterglow
    Not just about sex you know
    Sex becomes much more than fun
    When two souls melt into one


    Since the beginning of creation
    Man yearned for woman
    And woman for man
    For Adam and Eve
    Surely must have had quivering loins
    Unconcealed in a garden of paradise
    Blessed I have been with insatiable urges
    To know all that passion beholds
    I am endlessly yearning for wholeness
    Unity only felt when longings are matched
    and subsequently effectuated
    Longing to have a kiss that sings a songof heavenly rapture
    Craving to feel hands upon me
    That savagely want to touch me
    Yearning for physical and emotional mutuality
    To deliver me to my sensual rhapsody
    All I desire is to render all that I am
    To all that he is
    As impassioned love is made

    Blissful Intimacy

    The room is darkened, the night so still
    With visions of you, my head is filled
    I want you here right next to me
    Lovers and friends we would be
    A hand to hold a heart to touch
    A body to touch that I lust so much
    Kisses of passionate desire
    Setting body and soul on fire
    Touching each other inside and out
    To me what love is really about
    Intimate unity as bodies join
    Ecstasy met with quivering loins
    Souls melting together in bliss
    Spiritual lovemaking, spiritual kiss

    He Likes It Hot

    Lay down with me in the rose garden
    Under the shade of the olive tree
    If you like I'll whisper to you
    All the things you could do to me
    The scent of the sea is in the air
    The warms breeze gently blows my hair
    You can't stop, you must kiss me now

    You said I like it when it's hot
    So I took off my sweater

    Oh, Passionata

    Oh passionata, oh night of love
    Oh lay me down on a bed of roses
    Kiss of my lips
    Touch of my body
    I kiss you all over
    You writhe in pleasure
    Oh passionata
    Fall into me
    Dance away within the deepest parts of me
    Bring me to a happy place
    Leave a smile on my face
    Oh passionata, oh night of love

    Unwavering Passions

    My unwavering passions lure me to thee
    Rousing all that had long been dormant within
    Wanting to feel passions melt together
    Forming a brilliant flame
    To warm the most cold and desolate
    My unbridled passions beckon only to you
    Lay me down
    Bring your inviting lips to mine
    Gently caress my silken skin
    I shall whisper all my desires to you
    Allow me to pleasure you with my delicate lips
    Ever so softly as you slowly drift to your bliss
    My passions unleashed onto you
    You come to me as your copious fortitude
    Brings forth explosions simultaneously
    Our souls are enjoined
    As we are brought to our transcendent elation

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...