~ INSIDE MY LOVE, DIE....By Ray Forever

    A deep dark night
    Clutching like a parasite
    Strange dark woods
    Throwing its hoods
    Refusing to let go
    Howling winds blow
    Threatening whirlpools
    Demons rule
    Tentacles and vines
    Circle and entwine
    Your dark mind
    Raging tempest
    Anguished quest
    Died a thousand deaths
    Trying to set love on the breath
    Deep cloud cover
    O seething lover
    Dont burn so bright
    In your own light
    Slide out from the side
    Do it now
    Before you die
    Before you get raped
    By your own mind
    Thats made you blind
    With its simmering steam
    Can hear your soul scream
    Soar up to the sky
    Along the length of my thigh
    Wings of your fancy and fly
    Join me inside
    Inside my love,Die.....

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...