I think it is time to honor the amazing poet and creator of this fine blog.
    As far as I'm concerned, he is an inspiration to keep writing lovely poetry from all our hearts. He possesses endless talent. He is also a wonderful man. A friend to everyone and has so much love to give. I would like to dedicate some favorite poems of mine to Daubmir.


    Over the vast rolling plains
    Beyond the rustic treetops in the vineyard
    Through the darkest night sky
    Against the fiercest desert storm
    After the volatile pouring rain
    Across the seemingly infinite oceans
    On the other side of it all
    Stands my love for you


    An ocean divides us
    Nary a deterrence
    For the passion I feel for you
    Runs deeper than those waters
    Miles divide us
    My love never fret
    For the intensity I feel for you
    I shall go any distance
    Not a thing exists to divide us
    Surpassing my love for you
    Two souls to melt eternally
    If you so entrust
    Love will never divide us
    It resides in my heart
    When at last we can unite
    Love never will be apart


    The master of the melodies of my soul
    Heard as gloriously euphonic sounds
    Singing to my souls depths
    A knowing that it has been found
    The master of the melodies of my soul
    Seems to know what needs to be heard
    My soul soars in endless flight
    When I read his words
    The master of melodies of my soul
    Must know that we are meant to be
    For when my soul hears his songs
    I've never been so free


    I have a secret garden
    It was once a mystery
    He dazzled me with his love
    So I gave him the key
    The question lies before me
    I'll ask it once more
    Does he want to see my roses?
    Will he open up the door?
    Love grows in my secret garden
    Outstretched to the sky
    It's not just ordinary love
    It's the kind that makes you fly
    Come to my garden and smell my fragrance sweet
    When our souls meet by that gate
    Our hearts will be complete


    It pours from you
    Light erupts from every pore
    Inspiring love and beauty
    Come closer so I feel it
    Radiating through my soul
    So I can disperse it
    Love you arouse
    In all of humanity
    Those who embrace
    The overflow
    Your exaltation of love


    Beauty at your core
    I am transfixed
    On your shine
    Words Strengthen my inspiration
    My soul drinks it in
    Love and Unity
    Filled with passion
    Of poetic perfection


    You move my heart
    You move my soul
    You fill me with lust
    So out of control
    You move my spirit
    You move my mind
    You make me feel contentment
    So very hard to find


    My soul Eternal
    Benevolence of his heart and soul
    Eloquent symmetry of love and light
    Evoking love in all
    Light illuminating humanity
    Fear shan't be a deterrence
    Unconditional love still flows
    And souls can be suffused


    Resplendent is his exterior
    Magnanimous his heart
    Impeccable is his intelligence
    Well versed, well rounded, eloquent
    All I desire in totality
    Two bodies, one soul eternal


    He possesses impeccable beauty
    Not only of the physical kind
    Oh yes that takes your breath away
    I mean what lies inside
    When you see such outward grandeur
    You would never know
    Deep inside, his hearts so real
    And he lets it show
    He's been a friend to me
    Put a smile back on my face
    Listened, shared and he cared
    Brought me to a sunny place
    Friends like him I cherish
    They are so hard to find
    And even though he's far away
    I'm glad he's one of mine

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...