...dedicated to the beautiful women passing through my life...

    To Renu

    There are strands of light
    Spreading like a web
    Woven by the spider
    Crawling over water
    Fastened to the flesh
    Covering your eyes
    Light is like a spider
    Crawling over water
    Insinuating under tissue
    Spreading its web there
    To the skin and bones of you
    And the meshes of the web
    Cosset a palpitating heart
    Now injected with the venom
    Of the light’s tremendous


    My conceit tonight, amatissima
    Is modernist, voracious
    And ingrained Italian.

    You will undress
    Before the mirror of my eyes
    And conceal your fine head
    Beneath the mask of a wild beast,
    Your heat untamed.

    I will not move,
    Congealed by pulsing Eros -
    I will not scream
    As you slake your thirst
    With my enamoured blood
    And I become irrevocably
    Part of your essential lymph.


    I sacrifice you
    To coppery, avid demons
    And feathered,
    At the top of a pyramid
    Made of streaked sins
    Surrounded by teeming,
    Impenetrable runes.

    *** To this woman, my kallisteia...

    If you love me
    You will cease to be yourself
    And metamorphise now into Hellenic myth.

    If you truly love me,
    You will have a tail and talons,
    You will spread your pointed wings
    Coming to my heart and my desire
    From the legends of Greece.

    I will find the diadem
    For your silken brow,
    The topaz necklace,
    The girdle of gold and precious stones,
    The rubies and other gems
    Paris cannot retrieve from Troy.

    These I'll offer you
    As my token of adoration
    and reverence -
    A lover at a distance,
    The restoring painter of
    Your identity,
    Your waking dreamer.

    You'll bring joy to my senses:
    Velvet skin, aloe saliva
    Delicate unwithering elbows
    And oval knees,
    Soft gracile breasts
    With ruddy nipples
    All living beings would
    Beg to suck.

    Descend then from Olympos,
    If you really love me:
    I want you now
    As the thirsty traveller
    Longs for the watery mirages
    In the desert of his mind.

    Once together,
    Scornful as the gods
    I will struggle for our fate
    Ignoring the coward voices
    Of men poisoned with mediocrity.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...