I am the wind that blows o'er the sea;
    I am the wave of the deep;
    I am the bull of seven battles;
    I am the eagle on the rock;
    I am the tear of the sun;
    I am the fairest of plants;
    I am a boar for courage;
    I am a salmon in the water;
    I am a lake in the plain;
    I am the word of knowledge;
    I am the head of the battle-dealing spear;
    I am the god who fashions fire in the head.
    I am the thought.
    --Amarigen, a poet of the Goidelic Celts

    Word within the word,
    The unheard melody,
    The spirit ditties of no tone.
    The spiritualisation of the senses,
    A restoration of the unsullied
    Sense-activity of man in paradise.
    The word in ecstasy,
    The void in creation,
    The ecstasy of nothingness,
    The creative word.

    Get the nothingness
    Back into words.
    The aim is words
    With nothing to them;
    Words that point beyond
    Themselves rather than
    To themselves; transparencies,
    Translucencies, empty words.
    A word constricted as a Black Hole,
    With infinite gravity,
    Attracting time, light and speech,
    Corresponding to the void in things.

    Through the word of words,
    To dissolve the solid meanings,
    And find the true significance.
    To dissipate the empty gravity
    And enter the total gravity,
    To let the light not on but in.
    To illuminate and ventilate,
    Let words be filled with Light and Air.

    Let there be Light,
    Let there be superconsciousness
    Through creative ecstasy,
    The spiritual, noetic, pneumatic,
    Airy body, filled with nothing
    But ecstasy; takes flight,
    For heaven, for the Universe.
    A pregnant emptiness.
    Object-loss, world-loss,
    Is the precondition for all creation.

    Creation is in or
    Out of the void; ex nihilo.
    Creation is out of nothing:
    The unreal awakens me
    Out of the sleep of reality.
    Imagination is a better artist
    Than imitation;
    For where one craves only
    What she has seen,
    The other craves what
    She has not seen.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
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