Why do the nations rage,
and the people meditate so foolishly?

--Psalm 2:1

    Stranded on the shore of my inventiveness,
    I'm feeling the strain.
    Have I peaked my life,
    From now on descending?
    Unless I expand
    I may fall in on myself.

    All that is created
    And is therefore individual
    Has a beginning and an end,
    But there is no universal
    Beginning and end.

    My universe may fall in on itself,
    The red shift change to a blue.
    All universes may be like
    An expanding and contracting heart,
    With the spores of humanity
    Growing in the cool spaces
    Between stars
    Then withering in the autumn collapse;
    Or they may expand eternally
    A phoenix infinity or
    An infinite expansion.

    Suns must grow in heat and
    Finally consume
    Their planetary systems.

    Look out of the window:
    Everything you see
    Is frozen fire in transit
    Between fire and fire.
    Cities, equations,
    Lovers, landscapes:
    All are hurtling towards
    The hydrogen crucible.

    If a cosmos is infinite,
    It has no end.
    If it has no end,
    There can be no end
    It is serving.
    Its only end must lie
    In its means.
    It exists in order to exist.

    Only one process allows
    All conscious beings
    To have equal importance:
    An infinite one.

    If there were any end
    To which evolution was tending,
    Then you and I would be
    Slaves of a pharaoh,
    A builder of pyramids.

    But if there is no end,
    And only in an infinite universe
    Can there be no end,
    Then you, from whatever world or
    Age you come, And I
    Are equal.
    For both of us the slope
    Is the same,
    And reaches as far ahead
    And as far behind.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
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