Papillae degusting
    The juices of your orgasm
    While frenetically
    I reach for the aperture
    Of a thousand desires.

    I want you -



    Transience is so immense,
    We pass in a flurry of being,
    A beautiful moment
    In all its suddenness,
    Arising in love, or enchanted
    In the contraction of work.

    And you I possess, however time may
    Wear you away.
    From I to you
    Goes the command
    Of infinite space to be assumed
    In a single radiating emotion.

    Every terrifying angel
    Invokes the deadly birds of your soul
    Disguising essence made of ecstasy,
    Scooping up the finery of beauty
    In streams from your upturned face
    And gathering it back into themselves.

    But I, moved by deep feeling, evaporate
    In the mist of want,
    And breathe myself out and away
    Incapable of retaining your heart,
    Splinters of sorrow
    Perforating my basic reality.

    You’ve entered my bloodstream,
    Lover untenable,
    The whole springtime
    Perfumed with your jasmine flesh
    Dissolving my senses in its taste.
    Do angels really absorb the tension of love?

    So you promise eternity,
    From the embrace to the moment of kiss,
    At each other's mouth and your lips on mine,
    Osculating delight in astonished attachment
    To touch one another this potently,
    The gods involved in the excess.


    The melody
    of uncharted algorithms
    to my torment,
    aspires to placate
    the void
    of my vacant

    Why do you
    to clutch my heart
    an obsessive tide?


    Is the melancholy
    Of memories
    In the heart
    Of things.

~~Kyaan Mein Saagar Ki Ek Lehar Huun~~~~~Am I a wave of the Ocean

Bilingual Hindi/English

Daubmir, Are you listening?

Kyaan Mein Saagar ki ek lehar huun
Jo tumhe chuu ke saagar me samaan jaati hei
Tarsaati hui,Lalchaati hui
Chuumti hui,Naachti hui
Aa Tu bhi is saagar me samman jaa
iski anant gehrayee mein
iski vishaal hriday mein
iski roam roam mein
iski boond boond mein
isi mein khushi ki shikhar he
isi mein kayamat hein
isi mein jannat hein

    Am I a wave touching you at the shore
    And merging back in the ocean?
    Tormenting you, tempting you
    Kissing you, tantalising you with my dance
    Come, you also merge with me
    The ocean of endless depth
    The ocean of an awesome heart
    The ocean of pure infinite drops
    The ocean of an omniscient soul
    And reach
    An eternal orgasm
    An eternal heaven
    An eternal bliss

~ A THUNDEROUS ORGASM.....By Ray Forever

    O my writhing serpent
    Shake off your endless skins
    Shake off the nightmares of your past sins
    And come writhe on me
    Slide in me
    Ride in me
    Strangle me
    In your embrace
    Enter the maze
    Of my emotions....
    Whirl me
    Swirl me
    Rise with me
    Cry with me
    Until we find
    The Truth
    And then
    Lie in each others arms
    A thunderous orgasm
    Eternal Bliss

~ Weave Me Into You.....by Ray Forever

    Weave me into you
    You, the warp and I, the weft
    In between, no space left
    If anyone tried to tear
    Will fail, coz we will share
    A bond
    So strong
    An amalgamation of our spirits
    No you
    No me
    Only We
    Only We

~ Aa, Pyaar Ke Saagar Me Samman Jaa ~~~ Come, Merge in the Ocean of Love

Hindi/English Bilingual

Daubmir, My reply

    Mein, Ek Boond
    jo saagar me samaa gayee
    Ai Samudar....Tu Bhi aa isme samaa jaa
    Zindagi bhar ki pyaas isme bhuja jaa
    Isme samma ke tu bji paak ho jaa
    Pyaar ki jwaar bhata me hum chalenge
    Aur suraj ki kirne hame chumengin
    To ham karengen safar us aakash me baadal banke
    Aur is duniya me pyyar ke varshaan karengen

    I am a drop
    Which has merged in the ocean
    O mighty sea...You also come and merge with me
    And quench your lifetime thirst
    By its touch you will be pure
    We shall move in the love tides
    And when The Sun will kiss us
    We shall soar up to the sky
    Turn into clouds
    And then become raindrops of love showering over this world

~ ECDYSIS.....by Ray Forever

    Shed all your skins
    Come out of your hiding
    dance with me to ecstasy


    Staying silent inside you

    Silent as a raindrop
    Silent as a flower growing
    Silent as a fragile heart
    Silent as a gentle breeze
    Silent as my faint heartbeat

    Staying silent inside you

    Silent as a butterfly
    Silent as angels sleeping
    Silent as a barefoot princess
    Silent as a sensual whisper
    Silent as falling in love

    Staying silent inside you


    Eyes like angel dust
    With love inside

    Radiance of a smile
    From deep within the heart

    Offered up with love
    Hands warmed
    Pure of heart

    Yet all alone
    Golden heart is crumbling

    Shards of hurt
    Damage irreversable
    Soul cries out for mercy






    I long to be the muse
    The lover he does choose
    The one to sing his lovely songs
    As he holds me all night long

    I wish to be the muse
    That swiftly moves his pen
    The woman dreams are made of
    His true love and his friend

    I'd die to be the muse
    Inspiring him so
    If he only knew, once in his arms
    He'd never let me go



    I felt sorry for me
    My light was not bright enough
    I felt sorry for me
    I can't touch your face
    I felt sorry for me
    I can't hold you near
    I felt sorry for me
    That my soul calls to you
    I felt sorry for me that I'm not where you are
    I felt sorry for me that I can't be all you need

    I feel sorry for thinking about myself so much
    All I can do is offer you my love....


    One voice in unison
    Let's sing the songs of love
    Put love in our hearts for all
    Creating an immovable force
    Passion and radiant light
    An orchestral composition
    If as one we all shine bright
    Blinding love shall be our guide
    So let us sing together
    Of light and love to share
    Show compassion for all men
    Live with love and care


    You have such a way that winds me up inside
    Envisioning that want me look that I'll see in your eyes
    As you say to me, you are mine all mine
    How I long to have you right here by my side

    I'd drink in your soulful eyes
    My ears would hear your pleasured sighs
    As you reached for paradise
    We'd both be wrought with delight

    Hands would tremble violently
    Fervently reaching for me
    Bodies burning like the fire
    Blazing with lust and desire

    Hotter still with every touch
    Love inside that feels so much
    As our lips meet in a kiss
    We sing chansons of sweet bliss

    Fiercely, you fall into me

    Lovers brought to ecstasy

~ KILL ME.....By Ray Forever

    Kill me
    Kill the sense of "Me"

    Behead me
    Behead me of my beliefs

    Ground me
    Ground me to dust,then I fly

    Crush me
    Crush the ego that rose high

    Take me
    Take this life without You

~ LONGINGS.....by Ray Forever

    I Wait In Anguished Longing

    I wait in anguished longing
    To be turned
    From grape into wine
    From mine to Thine
    From water into vapour
    From dull sight to sparkle in your eye
    From a wick to a flame burning bright
    From a caterpillar to a butterfly
    From a speck in the earth to a star in the sky
    From being dead to 'alive'
    From wheat to bread
    From a shadow into a fountainhead
    From Black to Turquoise Blue
    From Me to " Lost in You"

    My heart cried
    Longing for flesh
    It cries
    Longing for You



    You sing....
    I will be the mountain and hold your voice deep inside

    You feel.....
    I will be the earth and keep your vibrations in my core

    You cry.....
    I will be the ocean keeping your sacred drops alive

    You chant....
    I will be the holy hymn,we shall soar

    You fly.....
    I will be the sky,always holding you high

    You dance.....
    I will be the music that you wore


    I think it is time to honor the amazing poet and creator of this fine blog.
    As far as I'm concerned, he is an inspiration to keep writing lovely poetry from all our hearts. He possesses endless talent. He is also a wonderful man. A friend to everyone and has so much love to give. I would like to dedicate some favorite poems of mine to Daubmir.


    Over the vast rolling plains
    Beyond the rustic treetops in the vineyard
    Through the darkest night sky
    Against the fiercest desert storm
    After the volatile pouring rain
    Across the seemingly infinite oceans
    On the other side of it all
    Stands my love for you


    An ocean divides us
    Nary a deterrence
    For the passion I feel for you
    Runs deeper than those waters
    Miles divide us
    My love never fret
    For the intensity I feel for you
    I shall go any distance
    Not a thing exists to divide us
    Surpassing my love for you
    Two souls to melt eternally
    If you so entrust
    Love will never divide us
    It resides in my heart
    When at last we can unite
    Love never will be apart


    The master of the melodies of my soul
    Heard as gloriously euphonic sounds
    Singing to my souls depths
    A knowing that it has been found
    The master of the melodies of my soul
    Seems to know what needs to be heard
    My soul soars in endless flight
    When I read his words
    The master of melodies of my soul
    Must know that we are meant to be
    For when my soul hears his songs
    I've never been so free


    I have a secret garden
    It was once a mystery
    He dazzled me with his love
    So I gave him the key
    The question lies before me
    I'll ask it once more
    Does he want to see my roses?
    Will he open up the door?
    Love grows in my secret garden
    Outstretched to the sky
    It's not just ordinary love
    It's the kind that makes you fly
    Come to my garden and smell my fragrance sweet
    When our souls meet by that gate
    Our hearts will be complete


    It pours from you
    Light erupts from every pore
    Inspiring love and beauty
    Come closer so I feel it
    Radiating through my soul
    So I can disperse it
    Love you arouse
    In all of humanity
    Those who embrace
    The overflow
    Your exaltation of love


    Beauty at your core
    I am transfixed
    On your shine
    Words Strengthen my inspiration
    My soul drinks it in
    Love and Unity
    Filled with passion
    Of poetic perfection


    You move my heart
    You move my soul
    You fill me with lust
    So out of control
    You move my spirit
    You move my mind
    You make me feel contentment
    So very hard to find


    My soul Eternal
    Benevolence of his heart and soul
    Eloquent symmetry of love and light
    Evoking love in all
    Light illuminating humanity
    Fear shan't be a deterrence
    Unconditional love still flows
    And souls can be suffused


    Resplendent is his exterior
    Magnanimous his heart
    Impeccable is his intelligence
    Well versed, well rounded, eloquent
    All I desire in totality
    Two bodies, one soul eternal


    He possesses impeccable beauty
    Not only of the physical kind
    Oh yes that takes your breath away
    I mean what lies inside
    When you see such outward grandeur
    You would never know
    Deep inside, his hearts so real
    And he lets it show
    He's been a friend to me
    Put a smile back on my face
    Listened, shared and he cared
    Brought me to a sunny place
    Friends like him I cherish
    They are so hard to find
    And even though he's far away
    I'm glad he's one of mine



Love is uncontainable in my existence
The rays beam through my skin
Sending it out to all
Love is attainable from my deep heart

If you are not afraid to wade in
You shall see it overflows
Love is unconditional that I give

For to me, love is love is love
And therefore ultimate acceptance



    I love delicate softness:
    For me, love has brought the brightness
    And the beauty of the sun,

    Often you say

    Making a mark in the earth
    With your heel near the wild black rose
    Untamed seemingly made only of dew,

    You say

    The whole sea and the whole sky
    For a single victory of childhood
    In the country of dance,

    Or better

    For a single embrace in a silent corner
    Going to the devil with desire on a bridge
    Or better yet,

    For a single timorous word
    Such as must be said while gazing at you
    By a blood-stained moon whose music goes far from tree to tree
    And keeps going in and out among a hundred birds of snow:
    Clouds of memory where it is nice to rest,

    And when you say it

    The whole sea and the whole sky
    Scatter like an ensemble of fairies
    At the touch of the wizard’s wand
    After whispering the magic phoneme: /L/

NOTE: A 'phoneme' is the smallest contrastive unit in the sound system of a language.

My Spiritual Exposition

The following poetry is a glimpse inside my true soul

Light of Being

In a moment of serenity
I saw the brilliant light
Of a higher being
How it shined so bright
I feel this presence with me
Always by my side
Watching always over me
Keeping love inside
I shall hold it close and dear
For it's the light that guides me
Aware the light is always there
And I am living free

Love's Power

A heart so deep and true
Possessing light for all to see
I'll step out of the darkness
If you come with me
A love so pure and real
Powerful, so much
Let it flow inside of me
Cleanse me with its touch
A friend to hold me close
A hand to hold in mine
All I long for, so much more
A kiss to stop all time
A dream of us as one
Your eyes, they hold my sun
I want you to warm me
With the beauty that I see


An Artist or a poets dream and I am both you see:

Someone to make you believe
That life is for living and love is worth giving
Be inspired by the blue sky
Watch the clouds as they float by
Be inspired by the moon
By springtime flowers sweet perfume
Be inspired by the stars
They guide you wherever you are
Be inspired by music and dance
By the hope of love and romance
Be inspired by what you hold dear
Be inspired by those who care
But most of all, this is so true
Be inspired by Y O U!

Soul's Mirrors
I possess true knowledge
Not the kind you find in books
Knowledge of the heart and soul
Not judging by first look
I possess the answers to life big mystery
I found it deep inside my soul
I have found the key
I possess the things that can make this world alright
I can see the beauty in the darkness and in light
I can see a person for who they are inside
Just by looking at their eyes things become much clearer
I possess the knowledge looking into your soul's mirrors

Outside Of The Fire

If you choose to live your life
Standing outside of the fire
You shall never feel the heat and warmth that you desire
Outside of the flame will leave you cold
Your heart and soul will be hollow
Dance in the fire all of your days
And your pain shall be easier to swallow
All it takes is love of yourself
You can find it deep inside of you
In the center of life's fire
To thine own self you have been true

For The Soul
My passions are infinite
It may not seem like torture
But in sense it truly is
Passionate about life
Not enough money to truly live it
Passionate about love
But no place to give it
Passionate about art
But who can see it
Passion in my heart
It just seems to break
Passion in my soul

I see the light

This is why I am tortured so
My soul needs the passion to be whole


In this world it seems to me we have so much to give
My wish is to help the world in this life I live
If someone is hungry, I'll feed them
If you need some blood I'll share
If you are sick and all alone, call me I'll take care
If you have a heart that's lonely
And want me to understand only
I'll be right there and show I care and do all that I can

When I walk down the city street
A homeless man begs for money
I gave him some quarters and it hurt my heart
when a lady said, Don't be stupid honey

Live with compassion inside of you
Put yourself in the other guys shoes


In a dream you reach out
At last my soul receives the love it has been seeking
Glorious illumination
Taking flight in unison
Dispersing love and light to all of humanity

Abolish The Negativity

The power of many
Is greater than the power of few
The strength of love
Is greater than the strength of hatred
Together is better
Than isolation
Unity soars higher than singularity
We are all special in our hearts and souls
Abolish the negativity
Love, live, and rejoice in the beautiful things
For if we do, the hurt and hate will not survive

Dream Of Unity

Being of lightI perceive your sound
Feel your presence all around
Whether working or at play
I feel you with me every day
Guide me to a better place
Universal love and grace
A place where people love and give
Making life so nice to live
Being of light, you have the power
To help me through my darkest hours
When I'm feeling beaten down
You shine on me and light is found
I'll keep your light inside of me
And pursue my dream of unity

Beauty Of Love
Love is uncontainable in my existence
The rays beam through my skin
Sending it out to all
Love is attainable from my deep heart
If you are not afraid to wade in
You shall see it overflows
Love is unconditional that I give
For to me, love is love is love
And therefore ultimate acceptance


~ Love Can

    Burning for resolve
    Passion within the soul
    Respond to the divine summoning
    To love in totality
    And with immovable grace
    Love shall uplift us to supernal dimensions
    Love conquers all


    Carnal Perfection

    Beneath the voluminous sky
    Bathed in the beauty that is you
    Luminosity in your eyes
    As they rest upon my delicate features
    My hair cascades onto your chest
    As it heaves with desire
    The air abundant with torridity
    Lips touch tenderly with yearnings forcible
    Your hands graze my supple breasts
    As all of you summons to all of me
    Intimate hungers revealed
    Soul’s passions ignited
    Encountering an impassable force
    As our bodies gravitate closer
    My head is dazed with delight
    And I lie back as you penetrate me
    My ears have been favored
    For they have discerned the ballad of our souls


    In a darkened room
    Hands slowly reach for each other
    Softly exploring flesh
    Lips meeting as bodies tremble
    Skin against skin as pleasure approaches
    Intimate unity as hearts and souls connect
    Sensual moans of pleasure
    Contentment with experiencing the art of making love
    Dying in each others arms would now be okay


    I want to get lost in your eyes
    Stay a while between your thighs
    Feel your lips pressed to mine
    From your flesh drink strawberry wine
    I want to feel your passion deep
    Hold you as you fall alseep
    Bodies naked and so free
    As your love falls into me

    As One

    Slow shallow breath as their lips get closer
    Hearts beating strongly as their flesh meets
    Anticipation of pleasure surges through their souls
    Skin against skin, bodies becoming as one
    Oneness as hearts connect
    Truly making love


    I shall run to you on a tepid eve in summer
    My skin felt as spun velvet beneath your fervent hands
    I envision our glistening bodies
    As candles burning cast shadows of love on the wall
    Drawn together, feeling the fire of our souls coursing through us
    My hands tremble as I reach for heaven
    You come to all my senses as I touch the heat of your passion
    As it bursts forth with appetence
    All that lies within my deepest recesses is ablaze
    As you dance wildly inside of me
    Irony is met, when I’m caught like thisI feel infinitely free
    Bountifully breathless, I discover
    Your essence is embedded in my soul


    The incessant rumblings within
    Hunger with a need to be satiated
    Calm my soul with the words
    That slide so gracefully from your tongue
    My ears perceive them as the sweetest melodies
    Bringing solace to my heart
    Stirring passion from the depths of all that I am
    Allow me to feel your breath upon my neck

    As you stroke my skin with your silken hands
    Invite me into all that is you
    So I can share some of this love


    Wanton lust in your eyes
    Reaching slowly betwixt my thighs
    Endless passions are unleashed
    Come to me, my carnal feast
    Lay your body next to mine
    Give the kiss to stop all time
    Softly touch my naked flesh
    With a loving sweet caress
    Put your manly hands on me
    Bursting forth viriliy
    Bodies tremble, pleasure met
    Passion's love we won't forget
    Coming close you slip inside
    Ready for a wild ride
    Lovers fire burning free
    Your love explodes inside of me
    Breathless in the afterglow
    Not just about sex you know
    Sex becomes much more than fun
    When two souls melt into one


    Since the beginning of creation
    Man yearned for woman
    And woman for man
    For Adam and Eve
    Surely must have had quivering loins
    Unconcealed in a garden of paradise
    Blessed I have been with insatiable urges
    To know all that passion beholds
    I am endlessly yearning for wholeness
    Unity only felt when longings are matched
    and subsequently effectuated
    Longing to have a kiss that sings a songof heavenly rapture
    Craving to feel hands upon me
    That savagely want to touch me
    Yearning for physical and emotional mutuality
    To deliver me to my sensual rhapsody
    All I desire is to render all that I am
    To all that he is
    As impassioned love is made

    Blissful Intimacy

    The room is darkened, the night so still
    With visions of you, my head is filled
    I want you here right next to me
    Lovers and friends we would be
    A hand to hold a heart to touch
    A body to touch that I lust so much
    Kisses of passionate desire
    Setting body and soul on fire
    Touching each other inside and out
    To me what love is really about
    Intimate unity as bodies join
    Ecstasy met with quivering loins
    Souls melting together in bliss
    Spiritual lovemaking, spiritual kiss

    He Likes It Hot

    Lay down with me in the rose garden
    Under the shade of the olive tree
    If you like I'll whisper to you
    All the things you could do to me
    The scent of the sea is in the air
    The warms breeze gently blows my hair
    You can't stop, you must kiss me now

    You said I like it when it's hot
    So I took off my sweater

    Oh, Passionata

    Oh passionata, oh night of love
    Oh lay me down on a bed of roses
    Kiss of my lips
    Touch of my body
    I kiss you all over
    You writhe in pleasure
    Oh passionata
    Fall into me
    Dance away within the deepest parts of me
    Bring me to a happy place
    Leave a smile on my face
    Oh passionata, oh night of love

    Unwavering Passions

    My unwavering passions lure me to thee
    Rousing all that had long been dormant within
    Wanting to feel passions melt together
    Forming a brilliant flame
    To warm the most cold and desolate
    My unbridled passions beckon only to you
    Lay me down
    Bring your inviting lips to mine
    Gently caress my silken skin
    I shall whisper all my desires to you
    Allow me to pleasure you with my delicate lips
    Ever so softly as you slowly drift to your bliss
    My passions unleashed onto you
    You come to me as your copious fortitude
    Brings forth explosions simultaneously
    Our souls are enjoined
    As we are brought to our transcendent elation


Naked desire
Lurking underneath
So bright
It can set fire...
Come, let us burn in it
And fly higher and higher
Soaring up to the stars
Of our fancy
Unleashing the girdle
Of our wanting....
Lets swim in the river of the thousand lingas*
Unabated, undulated
All consuming, seducing,
Haunting, burning, aching
And drown in the passion
Mine, yours, ours....

* Linga:
A stylized phallus worshiped as a manifestation of the god Shiva in the Hindu religion



    You make me feel beautiful
    You make me feel complete
    You make me want to give
    You make me feel upbeat
    You make me want to live
    You make me feel the heat

    Lets just make music together
    You be my muse...
    In this journey of love
    Lets just find the hues
    Of paradise...

~ INSIDE MY LOVE, DIE....By Ray Forever

    A deep dark night
    Clutching like a parasite
    Strange dark woods
    Throwing its hoods
    Refusing to let go
    Howling winds blow
    Threatening whirlpools
    Demons rule
    Tentacles and vines
    Circle and entwine
    Your dark mind
    Raging tempest
    Anguished quest
    Died a thousand deaths
    Trying to set love on the breath
    Deep cloud cover
    O seething lover
    Dont burn so bright
    In your own light
    Slide out from the side
    Do it now
    Before you die
    Before you get raped
    By your own mind
    Thats made you blind
    With its simmering steam
    Can hear your soul scream
    Soar up to the sky
    Along the length of my thigh
    Wings of your fancy and fly
    Join me inside
    Inside my love,Die.....


~ ODE TO RUMI by Renu

    You introduced me to a world
    where words sing into your soul
    where words flutter your heart when unfurled

    You take my breath away...
    You've set poetry in my breath
    its become my life and ray

    You are my inspiration lifelong
    I long to dance as a dervish reading your lines
    This is my life, this is where I belong....

~ All things are possible, except skiing through a revolving door

I have travelled the whole world, consumed by an inner fire I cannot decipher yet. But my disquiet and restlessness hasn't abated: I'm still as impulsive, angry, emotional, and discontent as when I was first born into puberty.

But when I compose poetry, oh when I compose! When I write I seem to become universal, in an orgasmic, a-tonic, mental masturbating sort of way that pampers my deeper requisites for sensual freedom and awakens the genius in me.

I am actively thinking, while I write. While I'm writing for you and to you, the anonymous reader.

All active thinking is more than a mere linking together of images and conceptions. Can you intellectually connect with me and perceive the genius?

Genius: his messages take shape in the secret depths of the soul...

Philosopher Galton wrote that "what is generally meant by genius is the automatic activity of the mind, as distinguished from the effort of the will. In a man of genius, the ideas come as by inspiration; he is driven rather than drives himself."

It is a gift of the gods... Plato, himself a genius, suggests that creative thought is a kind of madness sent upon men by the gods in accordance with some purpose of which they and not we are conscious. Being conscious that I am not really a genius, I should be satisfied with my intuitive mind, as intuition is the basis of all thinking. The intuited idea is operative throughout the whole process of the collection of facts, the brooding over them, the gradual heightening of the tension, the sudden release and the slow and steady mastery of the detail by the elaboration of the conceptions and judgments. In any concrete act of thinking mind's active experience is both intuitive and intellectual. If you wish to be my intellectual connection, in turn I should be intuitively your medium for manipulating your higher sense of existence. Accept?

I mean: do you accept that?

It is a mistake to think that the only qualifications for elucidating truth and fulfilment in life are purely intellectual. Only those whose lives are deep and rich light on the really vital syntheses significant to mankind.

Shouldn't we do our part in the synthesis of our life? Let's be creative then, if we cannot be true geniuses. Let's be alive and expressive in all our senses.

Artistic. Yes.

The work of art is the crystallization of a life-process. Grab my hand... shed your skin awhile, and be an artist with me, just like I want to be an artist with you, unlearning to relearn -- just like Socrates said.

Is this my electronic virtual crisis? Since I've just about experienced any sort of intellectual crisis available to man, I may as well have a cyber-crisis online!

(sarcastic laugh)

I've been like this since birth, so no bullshit. It's actual awareness, finally. A wanting for aesthetic achievement. My mind is in labour and craves for sustenance from the whole being. No more crap from others.

Now read a poem, for chrissake! Or write me a poem...

This is the prayer I understand, no other.

True poetry which is rich with a world of suffering and experience, has the fullness and mystery, and depth and authority of life itself. It is because the poet sees so intensely that he is able to communicate to us his feeling and judgment. The creative spirit and its activity are so unlike the conscious mind that the latter feels itself to be inspired and raised above its normal power by the breath of spirit. Can you bear with me a moment about "inspiration"?

The inspired souls speak from a centre of consciousness that has transcended the limits of its finitude and so claim an authoritativeness which is not within the power of the normal individual to bestow. They do not think so much as thoughts come to them. Hey, you see how close we now come to the concept of "genius" as Plato sees it? So, perhaps all hope is not lost. The poet believes that his work is due not to his intellectual skill or imaginative boldness but to what he calls his inspiration.

I feel inspired. My reader, if you do exist, you've got to believe me: I feel soooo inspired I could initiate an atomic fission by just composing a haiku verse!

But DO YOU feel inspired? Well, do you? Ever?

Since inspiration comes to the poet's life and fades out of it regardless of his inclination, he traces it to a power more unconscious than conscious. To the ancient Hindus and the Greeks, the poetic exercise is a religious act, and the poet invokes his muse and begins with a prayer. Ever read Homer? It is always a dialogue between the daimon and the psyche. The authors of the Vedic hymns regarded themselves as channels of something greater than they knew, instruments of a higher soul beyond themselves. They do not so much create the contents as contemplate them in their moments of deepest insight. Plato in his Symposium suggests a similar view. Aristotle says that the poet is either "happily gifted by nature" or "a bit of a maniac". Dante says: "I am one who, when love inspires, take note and as he dictates within me I express myself."

Isn't all this beautiful? Yes, it is.

The poetic experience is but momentary for the veil is redrawn and the mood of exaltation passes. The poet attempts a translation of the ineffable experience into words. While poetry is in the soul, the poem is a pale reflection of the original, an attempt to register in words an impression which has become an image in memory.

Here, dear virtual reader, I falter.
Here I have my tragedy: cannot ever be satisfied with my "registrations". There is something incommensurable in poetry, eluding my expression in words. The poetic temper is in all of us though only a few develop it. The poet has the gift, which fewer still have, of communicating the experience by words of immediate power which compel the wandering mind to respond to his appeal. It is truly difficult to translate states of soul into words and images. The success of art is measured by the extent to which it is able to render experiences of one dimension into terms of another.

The difference between a poet and a non-poet is that the experience of the former is larger and his verbal control greater. And an adequate control of technique is essential to the poet. Even in the act of composition the poet is in a state in which the reflective elements are subordinated to the intuitive. The vision, however, is not operative for so long as it continues, its very stress acts as a check on expression. The experience is recollected but not in tranquillity. Poetry is the language of excitement. For in recollecting the exciting experience, the poet recreates the conditions of its happening and identifies himself with it. The spell of the experience is still on the poet and under its influence he employs intuitive words and images which possess emotional value more than logical meaning. While poetry is not the vision itself, but only the image of it, still its quality depends on the degree with which it calls up the vision.

Let us then be poets together, and call up a vision to share....

... The following pages show my caleidoscopic vision, hope you'll enjoy it and contribute --- if you are truly out there... Merci bien



    I wish you to unfold me
    I wish you to hold me
    I wish you to undress me
    I wish you to bless me
    I wish you to ravage me
    I wish you to savage me
    I wish you to blaze me
    I wish you to daze me
    I wish you to love me
    love me to death
    I wish you to smother me
    smother me with your love
    I wish you to inspire me
    inspire me to sing
    sing with you
    where we can view
    and feel
    a garden of paradise

~ sung by Ray Forever...


    Untie the knot for me
    of your deep inner secrets
    give me the key
    of your inner fantasies
    where u have been drowning
    let me swim in the sea
    of your dreams,desires and longings
    let me unravel the mysteries
    of your mind
    thats made you blind
    that been raging in you
    tormenting you
    spending you
    lusting in you
    bursting in you
    touch me
    and feel the peace
    walk into your soul
    the storm will cease
    feel the calm
    like a balm
    stop searching
    and yearning
    feel my aura
    embrace it
    if you hug me close
    you can share it



    Are you the sigh that escaped from my lips
    Are you the moon that glimmers and then is eclipsed
    Are you the flame that lit a fire in my heart
    Are you my shadow which is with me, yet is apart

    Are you the dew glistening in the verdant lawn
    enveloping my heart, dark night foregone
    Are you the flower filling the night with its perfume
    receding in oblivion when the day blooms

    Are you the wave that engulfs without warning
    Are you the mist in the cold winter morning
    that kissed disappearing with the sun out bright
    Are you a dream that I dreamed last night

    Are you the sunlight on which my dreams dance
    playing havoc with their glimmer, ready to prance
    Are you a storm that raged and pried
    into my soul and then like a hurricane, died

    Are you the drops of rain nourishing my mind
    cleansing my spirit leaving it enshrined
    Are you the moment that takes the soul
    from darkness to light, making you whole

    Whatever it is, I will continue in my quest
    For love, till I find it, will not rest
    Coz love is life, love is breath

~ UNTITLED by Renu

    When do you want our breaths to meet?
    When do you want our souls to touch?
    When do you want to feel the heat?
    And make me drunk on our love?

    When do you want our gazes to entwine?
    And then taste each others sweetness?
    When do you want our dreams to be love lined?
    When do you want to surrender to this madness?

~ HERE ARE MY EYES... by Renu

    Here are my eyes
    Drown them in yours...

    Here are my lips
    Eclipse them with yours...

    Here is my skin
    Dissolve it in yours...

    Here is my heart
    Unite it with yours...

    Here is my soul
    Possess it with yours...

    Here is my spirit
    Elevate it with yours....

    Heres Me...
    Yours, yours, yours....


    Can you feel me?
    Feel my spirit

    Can you fill me?
    Fill my emptiness

    Can you stroke me?
    Stroke my passion

    Can you soak me?
    Soak my throbbing

    Can you hold me?
    Hold the lightness of my soul

    Can you behold me?
    Behold the beauty that is within

    Can you touch me?
    Touch me and make me whole

    Can you hear me?
    singing through my skin

    Can you see me ?
    dancing with delight

    Can you guide me?
    Show me the light

    Can you merge with me?
    Lets reach new heights


~ MY MESSAGE by Trisha Evensen

    Crack the layer
    Of frozen pain
    You acquired around your heart

    Live your life for each moment
    Breathe in spring air
    And revel in the beauty
    Surrounding your world

    Love one another
    Live with passion in your heart
    And a fire in your soul


~ I DO

Je t'aime toujours

    I love
    Oh how I love!
    I do love
    Love me
    I love you
    You love
    I love
    We love
    Where’s my love?
    Reach for me
    My Love
    I love you
    How I love you!
    Do love me
    Please, do
    I love you
    Yes, I do.



    Stroke my lobes
    Fondle the membranes
    Of my pleasure.
    Murmur sweetness
    In my ears
    And I will
    Respond in kind.


    In the amaranth morning
    I wanted to be a heart.
    A heart.

    And in the ripe evening
    I wanted to be a nightingale.
    A nightingale.

    In the vivid morning
    I wanted to be myself.
    A heart.

    And at the evening's end
    I wanted to be my voice.
    A nightingale.

    turn blood red.
    turn the color of love.



    In the blue summer days
    I will stroll my spiritual paths
    Pricked by corn
    And treading on soft grass
    I’ll feel the coolness in my feet
    I’ll let the wind mist my naked head

    I won’t speak
    I won’t think
    But infinite love
    Will arouse
    My soul
    And I’ll go far
    Far away indeed
    Like a vagabond
    Through Nature and Mind
    Happy as a sexless angel.

~ La Chanson de Aïcha

    Comme si je n'existais pas
    Elle est passée à côté de moi
    Sans un regard reine de Saba
    J'ai dit Aïcha prends tout est pour toi
    Voici les perles les bijoux
    Aussi l'or autour de ton cou
    Les fruits bien mûrs au goût de miel

    Ma vie Aïcha si tu m'aimes
    J'irais où ton souffle nous mène
    Dans les pays d'ivoire et d'ébène
    J'effacerais tes larmes tes peines
    Rien n'est trop beau pour une si belle oh !

    Aïcha Aïcha écoute-moi
    Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas
    Aïcha Aïcha regarde-moi
    Aïcha Aïcha réponds-moi

    Je dirais les mots les poèmes
    Je jouerais les musiques du ciel
    Je prendrais les rayons du soleil
    Pour éclairer tes yeux de rêves

    Elle a dit garde tes trésors
    Moi je vaux mieux que tout ça
    Des barreaux sont des barreaux même en or
    Je veux les mêmes droits que toi
    Du respect pour chaque jour moi je ne veux que l'amour

    Aïcha Aïcha écoute-moi
    Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas
    Aïcha Aïcha regarde-moi
    Aïcha Aïcha écoute-moi
    Aïcha Aïcha réponds-moi

Chanson : Khaled - Aïcha
Paroles : J. J. Goldman
Maison de production : Mercury / Universal

This beautiful song can be downloaded by clicking here, and a videoclip of same can be downloaded from Khaled's website (select "Video").



    The melody
    of uncharted algorithms
    to my torment,
    aspires to placate
    the void
    of my vacant

    Why do you
    to clutch my heart
    an obsessive tide?


This one you can sing at night, with your guitar on a beach thinking about lost love...

    Oh night! Oh night!
    That your pleasures be my guide
    Born for darkness not for light
    Around, around, to smell your sight

    Oh night! Oh moonless night!
    I drown in your eyes full of fire
    While waiting for your bite
    To burn your body in desire

    Dreadful night,
    Bring me death not life
    Shall I be by your side
    Or drown forever in a mire?


    When you have withdrawn
    your self and the magic, when
    only the smell of your
    love lingers between
    my legs, then, only
    then, can I greedily consume
    your presence.


    First, you cleansed me,
    arriving as fire, as savage flood.
    Next you tore me,
    your cougar tooth,
    your griffon claw,
    limbs scattering like grass
    in the garden of a great wind.
    Then you made love to me,
    night after night of unendurable
    agony and passion.
    Ruined by your beauty,
    I have vanished,
    fled into the nothingness
    of who I am.


    You came into my life
    like a wing of fire,
    possessing and possessed
    by something not seen.

    When you first spoke
    my books turned to clay,
    and my throat closed
    around a lost sonnet.

    Your eyes burned over me,
    leaving scars of rapture,
    my spirit became a field
    swept clean by flame.

    Can you think how it was
    that morning I woke first,
    and found you,
    an unbound mystery
    by my side.

    The air here now holds only emptiness,
    a little dust stirring.
    I think there will be wind tonight,
    and owls will hoot
    to distress my solitary sleep.

~ I AM I

    I am I, who long to be
    Lost as a light is lost in light
    You love me, and I find you still
    A spirit beautiful and bright,

    I am not yours, not lost in you,
    Not lost, although I long to be
    Vanished as a sprite in a tale,
    Missing as an albatross at sea.

    Oh please!
    Plunge me deep in love
    Put out my senses,
    Leave me deaf and blind,
    Swept by a tempest
    I cannot find.


    In the camera obscura
    Of my simmering passions
    The maggots of pain
    Consume my equilibrium
    While the acids of greed
    Burn holes in my soul.

    But you, magnificent loupe
    Through the crimson film
    Of fracturing light
    Expose your generous smile
    And develop my healing.



    The crutches
    In my heart
    In my brain
    I prepare myself
    Unrequited love

~ Filles

    Shall we fly
    On the wings of daring Icarus?

    Shall we kiss
    The lips of sweeping clouds
    And leave ugliness behind?

    Shall we lose
    Our inner virginity
    To sensuous Eden?



    In the childhood of mist my soul, winged and wounded.
    Lost discoverer, in you everything sinks.

    You girdled sorrow, you cling to desire,
    sadness stuns you, in you everything sinks.

    I make the wall of shadow draw back,
    beyond desire and act, I walk on.

    Oh flesh, my own flesh, woman whom I love and lose,
    I summon you in the moist hour, I raise my song to you.

    Like a jar you house infinite tenderness,
    and the infinite oblivion shatters you like a jar.

    There is the black solitude of Aegean islands,
    and there, woman of love, your antipodean arms take me in.



    I contain all there is,
    I am filled with the all.
    Take of me all
    If you want all.
    I am Love,
    Who am filled with the all:
    What you want,
    I want,
    Tell me all,
    I give you all:



    If you give me life
    I will live it my way
    I will learn, I will listen,
    I will hear and understand.
    I'll do all that I can.

    If you give me love
    I will love you back.
    I will tolerate and appreciate
    every moment that we spent.
    I'll love, I will give and take.

    For what I want is to be
    free to choose, to disagree.
    So when you give
    You give it all.
    Without pressure, without control.

    I decide to think for me.
    To take control of my destiny
    And what I learn , I will teach.
    I'll help you grow, but I won't preach
    I won't demand, I'll help you reach.


    The moon wide open.
    Horse of still clouds,
    and the grey ring of dreams
    with willows on the riverbank.

    I will not see you!

    Let my memory kindle!
    Warm the jasmines
    of such minute whiteness!

    I will not see you!

    The phantasm of the ancient world
    passed her sad tongue
    over a tear of blood
    spilled on the sand
    of recollection.

    I will not see you!

    Partly death and partly stone,
    bellowed like two centuries
    sated with treading the earth,
    I am the strangler
    of your dreams.

    Now I will see you!
    As I erupt with my seeding force.



    Gypsy, let me lift your skirt
    and have a look at you.
    Open in my ancient fingers
    the blue rose of your womb.

    Picaresque woman
    Let the virile wind pursue you
    with his breathing and burning sword
    while the beats of my heart
    skip with every kiss.

    The sea darkens and roars,
    while the olive trees turn pale.
    The flutes of night sound,
    and a muted sigh of the snow
    whispers your breath.

    Gypsy, run, my love!
    Or the green wind will catch you!
    Gypsy, run, my love!
    And look how fast he comes:
    A satyr of lowborn stars
    with their glistening tongues.

    Gypsy, run, my love!
    And my arms will possess you
    with an ethereal mantle of passion
    when the solitary rose of your mouth
    will sedate the worm of my despair.

Emily Dickinson's axiom
Emily Dickinson's Axiom...